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A Bit About KidsLIFE

KidsLIFE, otherwise known as the Super Hero Academy, is a fun, safe and creative environment for 5 to 12 year old's, to learn about and experience God.  We aim to encourage and empower the children to live their best Christian lives, allowing them discover who they are created to be, and that they can do amazing things with Christ and His Holy Spirit.

Each year we have an overall theme.  The year is divided into four terms.  Term 1 is always old testament focused.  Term 2 is Christian growth or how the theme operates today in us.  Term 3 is new testament focused and finally, term 4 is a fun term called Christmas creative term.  At the end of each term, the children can spend points they have earned for attendance, good behavior, obedience, kindness, memory verse, help tidy up, and participation at the Super Hero Rewards Shop.

Morning Tea is provided, so it is appreciated if you let us know if your child has any allergies or intolerances.

KidsLIFE Safety Video (to come)

KidsLIFE Worship Page Kids Love Worship - YouTube

2022 Theme:  Working with the gifts of the Spirit

Term 1: 6th Feb - 3rd Apr

Term 2: Christian growth 1 May - 26 Jun

Term 3: New Testament 24 July - 18 Sept

Term 4: Christmas Creative Term 16 Oct - 18 Dec

wk1: Joseph - working with dreams and visions Gen 41:14-44

wk2: Moses - Moses staff swallow wizards staff (God more powerful)                     working signs and wonders Ex. 7:1-13

wk3: Joshua - The long day (believing for the impossible - faith) Jos                         10: 1-13

wk4: Child Samuel  - hearing God (Prophecy) 1 Sam 3:1-18

wk5: Elijah - controls the whether (power of our spirit filled words) 

                   1 kings 17:1 - 7 and 18:20-46

wk6: Widow of Zarephath - (faith) 1 kings 17:8 - 16

wk7: Elisha - Raises the dead to life (miracles) 2 kings 4:18-37

wk8: Elisha - Angel army to help when he always knows what the                           enemy plans (knowledge, seeing)  2 kings 6:8-23

wk9: Daniel - Hand writing on the wall (interpretation)  Dan 5: 1-31

                    Rewards shop.

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