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Curious about Christianity? Got questions?

Please know that believing in Jesus is a very personal thing and that God wants to have an intimate encounter with you. You have taken the first steps to beginning a relationship with Jesus (God) by visiting this site.


Whilst you can do this on your own God's desire and plan is that we do life with others who believe in Him; we need others to teach, support and encourage us. 

Where do I start?

Christianity can be a maze of strange metaphors, rituals, and jargon - which can be confusing and misunderstood.

Start with the ALPHA videos

We encourage you to start watching the well respected Alpha video series below and to contact us (or another church) when you feel like you are ready to join a faith community.

What is ALPHA?
ALPHA is a program for people to explore their faith. - visit the 'Alpha Film Series,' to begin watching this series.

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Where can I ask my questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are passionate about our faith and love nothing more than to help others have an intimate encounter with Jesus. 

Explore your faith with others with a ZOOM group
It can be helpful to explore your faith with other people. 

Contact John to organise a Zoom teaching meeting.

Simple explainers

Have you spent time with a Christian and felt like you didn't 'get them'; why they do and say sertain things.

This series of short videos aims to explain (in simple language) things that might be confusing or seem to be weird.

Simple explainers

Simple explainers

Want to see what our services are like? Watch and listen to our latest services now online

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