Our Leaders




Alan and Judy Saundercock

Paul and Renee Saundercock

Graeme and Alex Elliot

Pam Kingston

Geoff and Debbie Phillips

John and Mary-Ann Parer

Ex-Elders/Advisory Team

Michael Lawson

Dean Cedarblad

Rob Mitchison


Pastoral Care Team


Graeme Elliot

Robert and Lois Peters

Caesar and Rosa Tabacco

Peter Newall

Mary Hagan

Jenny Mitchison

John Parer


KidsLIFE and MiniLIFE


Joanne Peirce

Robert Peters

Renee Saundercock

Cathrine Watson

Fiona McLeay

Jenny Mitchison

Carla Riley




Alex Elliot

Riley Phillips



Mary-Ann Parer

Kesli Phillips

Riley Phillips

Graeme Elliot


Finance Team

John Parer

Alan and Judy Saundercock

Kirk Pierce

Paul Saundercock

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75 Muldoon Street, Taree,
NSW 2430

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Tuesday - Thursday 9:30 - 4:00
Sunday 9:30 pm - 1:00 pm 

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