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Social L.I.F.E... (in recess Dec & Jan)

  • L.I.F.E Groups and events aim to foster relationships - within the church and between the church and the commuty.


  • L.I.F.E Groups and events allow for more people to host small groups or events as individuals, families or groups of families have a range of commitment choices: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or one off events. ( e.g. January fishing day )


  • L.I.F.E Groups and events recognize that people are busy and that many people already do many activities that could easily become a part of social L.I.F.E simply by inviting others to join them.

What type of activities and events ?


RECREATIONAL: Walking, camping, watching movies, craft, cooking, mum's groups, music, gardening, fishing, dancing, art and board games.


SPORT: surfing, watching sport, touch football, fishing, bike riding, cricket and soccer.


FAITH / MISSIONS: Hope shop, traditional cell groups, worship team, Mens, womens, movies, conferences, mission trips and community engagement events. 

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